We exist to affirm and amplify a beauty that exists outside our existence!
We exist to affirm and amplify a beauty that exists outside our existence!

About U Motle

U Motle, a Sotho term meaning ‘You are beautiful’, is an identity brand premised on the concept of affirmation of the self and others who exude the beauty rooted in those experiences and symbols that are unique to Africa. Founded by Mantate Mlotshwa in 2020, her heart and inspiration was for every one of the people that will use an U Motle product or service to look at themselves in the mirror and say “U Motle” and those that look at someone with an U Motle product to say “U Motle” as an affirmation of the beauty of whoever wears or embraces the brand. U Motle is about how people view themselves and the aspects of their experiences, culture and history that shape their style and image.

It’s both an exhibition and affirmation of beauty, African inspired beauty. We customise and edit your wardrobes to reflect  an African vibe to your chosen political/ corporate/ artistic brand; provide a range of earrings; necklaces; bangles and other types of accessories that profile our African roots. Big or small, we partner with people across Africa who want to share their experience of the African identity, culture and aspirations. We exist to affirm and amplify a beauty that exists outside our existence!

Our Services



To launch the brand are six (6) earring designs that come in two sets. The first design is our U Motle logo inspired design. The other five (5) designs are inspired by women in our space whose everyday passion and work inspires strength and sisterhood, and an appreciation of one’s beauty. The first set has all designs in circular off-white wood printed either on one or both sides. The second set has each design in its unique shape printed on one or both sides. Conceptualized by us, we partnered with our super talented friend, SA based illustrator, Siya Nzwakele.



U Motle has two concept creators, Mantate and Nkatha and plays around with creative ideas that conglomerate Afircan print, beads, material into vintage, street style, chic, arts, bohemian and other fashion styles. Our Africa Day collection set for May 25, 2021 will give you a holistic view of our fashion fetish. 


Image/ Brand Consultancy

Are you a politician, corporate, artist, etc and want to push a certain African inspired niche in the way you dress? U Motle exists to help you curate ideas around what to have in your wardrobe, and what to look for in shops. We are here to advise and guide you, for events, or continuous engagements. Hit us up and let us affirm your beauty through a touch of Africa in your wardrobe.